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We're all on very unique paths, yet I believe we share common health and wellness related goals. Goals to be healthier, lose weight, be stronger, feel less stress, learn how to deal with pain, and simply be happier. Easier said than done, right? What would it take? I researched. I asked friends, families, and professionals how they achieved their goals. I tried new things. I started to read food labels. I joined a yoga studio. I became more self-aware, improved my self-care, and incorporated mindfulness practices into a daily routine. I transformed in a good way, and even my loved ones saw a significant, positive change to my overall health. Are you On the Way to Wellness (OTW2Wellness) like I am? Let me tell you... it's a journey of a lifetime... but hey, you certainly don't have to walk it alone. 




OTW2Wellness began as a blog, which I created as a platform to share what I do to maintain contentment and inner peace in this crazy ass world. The blog is curated with thoughts, techniques, and tips for a higher state of well-being. Along my wellness journey I also became a yoga instructor and learned how to work with energy. I studied for several years with a curandera on the Mexican healing tradition of Curanderismo and connected with the traditional healing ways of my own indigenous Filipino roots. The OTW2Wellness brand, as a result, expanded beyond the blog to include classes and services that help members of my community feel good, create happiness, and find balance in their lives. 



I want to help you make a positive shift that transforms your life for the better.


By supporting your wellness goals, helping you release what is no longer serving you, and facilitating energy flow, you can optimize the capacity to heal yourself as well as create space in your life to attract happiness, love, health, and abundance.




Around my mid-20s, I made a career change, worked and went to school full time, and dealt with some health issues (see my post  "Trust the Spiral" for more details). This stressful situation taught me to be kinder to myself. It revealed to me that things, which used to work for me, were no longer cutting it. I began to understand that "health" was beyond the physical. It also included mental, spiritual, and emotional balance. Consequently I learned to view wellness through a holistic lens. I am now an advocate for exploring alternative, natural, and mindful ways to support my overall health and wellness. 

Katrina is an energy practitioner, yogi, doTerra Wellness Advocate, and author of the OTW2Wellness blog. 

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