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The OTW2Wellness classes are currently being provided online in adherence to social distancing rules and general Santa Clara County, CA regulations to reduce exposure and spread of Covid-19. I will be demoing and watching for proper alignment to the best of my ability with the online format, but I am not liable for any injury or accident suffered while practicing asanas and/or techniques* during class. It is up to you to determine your comfort and level of expertise. Forcing yourself to go beyond your physical limits may possibly cause or sustain an injury. Should you have any concerns about your yoga practice or starting one, consult with your physician and/or other health care professionals to ensure safety. If you have any preexisting injuries, recent surgeries or other conditions (e.g. pregnant, hypertension. depression, etc.), please feel free to discuss this with me privately so that I can provide adjustments and modifications to fit your needs.

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* Techniques may include but are not limited to pranayama breathing exercises, sound healing, aromatherapy, guided meditation, and coaching.