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In honor of Earth Day 2018, this special blog post features Lori Krein and her Climate Hacks Podcast. I met Lori at the SoulTech Connect: Eco-Warriors of Silicon Valley meetup, and I had the pleasure of getting to know a little bit about her. She had recently spent some time in Ecuador, and her (SoulTech) spark, the motivating force within her to be an instrument of change, is being an advocate for the environment. In the introduction episode of her podcast, Lori describes how she juggles life's obligations like kids, a house, a job, relationships, etc. Yet just as imperative as these obligations is a sense of urgency to answer the call of doing something for the planet. This led her to create Climate Hacks Podcast as a response.

The Environment and You

Whether we realize it or not, the environment has everything to do with our health. The Earth sustains our basic needs of survival. Think of the air we breathe and the food and water we put into our bodies. The Earth also nurtures our wellness. Simply spend a moment outdoors and enjoy the beautiful nature. I know I feel more rejuvenated after I go for a hike, stress-free from a day at the beach, and at peace lying on the grass in the park. All the resources that keep us alive and well are from this planet we call home, so a healthier environment means a healthier you.

Let's be honest though. The Earth could be cleaner. The general consensus of scientists all over the world is that climate change is real, y'all. It's observable and measurable. This is why it has been so vital now than ever to bring forth awareness on how much fossil fuels we burn, which in turn emits greenhouse gases (i.e. carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide) that thins out the Earth's atmosphere. Hence, global warming. But not only are we releasing pollutants in the air, the quality of the products that we buy are also contaminating our waters and lands. If synthetic pesticides are used additionally on food that may already be growing from tainted soil and water, imagine all the crap that goes into our bodies. The aggregation of toxins from the environment can then lead to health problems like diseases and cancer.

Why you should check out Climate Hacks Podcast

Climate Hacks Podcast educates people on how to integrate practical lifestyle choices that help clean and protect the environment. The Dirty Laundry episode, for example, puts into perspective how perfumes in detergents get carried into the ocean from dirty laundry water. This episode suggests to look into trying brands of detergents with biodegradable or plant-based ingredients as an alternative. Lori acknowledges that global environmental issues are big topics to tackle and are not going to be solved overnight. If we all make small changes in our daily lives, however, the impact will be positive and can be transformational in the grand scheme of things.

What I like about Climate Hacks Podcast is that it's very much like a walk along Lori's journey to becoming more eco-conscious. She does her own research and is constantly learning about how things affect the environment. I thought that the Wizards Way Flowers Farm episode was as much as an eye-opener for me as it was for her since I also had no idea about the mass produced flower farming industry. Furthermore, on any journey you meet people along the way. Climate Hacks Podcast has episodes of Lori interviewing business owners who provide eco-friendly services/products as well as Lori conversing with individuals who have compelling experiences and thoughts to share about the environment.

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