Detoxing with doTerra's Cleanse and Restore Kit

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

The Experience

Days 1-10 Activate Phase: The purpose of my detox was an attempt in eliminating processed sugar, preservatives, dairy, and red meat from my body. To assist with the detoxing process I used doTerra's Cleanse and Restore Kit, which contained 30-days of essential oil supplements including digestive enzymes, probiotics, and vitamins. The kit was quite daunting when I first opened it because of all the different bottles of supplements. It didn't come with a guide on how to take them either, so I had to download the protocol. I got accustomed to the routine by the end of the week though.

The first two days were tough probably because of the sudden change in caloric intake. Furthermore, I was eating less carbs. I felt very sluggish and tired. I wanted to sleep during the day although I couldn't bring myself to sleep when I tried. Instead of cutting out carbs entirely, which was my initial plan, I introduced complex carbs (i.e. quinoa, steel-cut oats, farro, buckwheat, etc.) back into my diet. I noticed that I did look pretty bloated, but I lost 5 pounds in the first 10 days.

Days 11-20 Reset Phase: I felt better in terms of energy, but I had a crazy ass acne breakout on my forehead around Day 12. I literally had everything — cystic, white heads, and black heads. It was disturbing but also discouraging. I didn't want to use the kit anymore. When I did a bit of research, however, it appeared that acne was a common symptom of detoxing since toxins were being pushed out even through skin. I didn't notice any other significant changes with my body, but at least the 5 pounds stayed off.

Days 20-30 Renew Phase: My face cleared up a lot during this phase. My energy levels were up, but I still didn't notice any other significant changes with my body.

My Review

The Cleanse and Restore kit was gentle in the sense that I wasn't running to the bathroom multiple times during the day. I thought that the kit helped reassure me I was getting the nutrients I needed especially when I had cut things out of my diet. The nice thing about the kit was that there was a surplus of supplements left over, which could be used for a future round of detoxing if I wanted to. Otherwise, the protocol did recommend that I continue using some of the supplements regularly even after I was done with the 30-day detox.

Would I use this kit again? Personally, no. It's worth noting that some of the supplements had carrageenan and other additives/preservatives, which I was trying to cut out in the first place! Definitely NOT Whole 30 compliant if that's your jam. Unfortunately I didn't realize this until mid-way Phase 3. I may not have used this kit at all if I had looked into the ingredients earlier. I'd rather just do an elimination diet as a standalone without using this kit.

Tips for Staying on Track of a 30-Day Detox

  • Meal prepping was super helpful, and I think that goes for any diet. When you meal prep for the week, you don't create unnecessary stress of what you're going to eat every single day. And if you're someone like me who is very indecisive with food, then there's no question as to what you're going to have.

  • Per the point above, make soups. They're cost efficient, very easy for portion control, and can be quite hefty. Check out my blog, "Soups for Detoxing," for the recipes of the soups I made during the detox.

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