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Owner of Float Realm in Saratoga, CA

If you've read my Body & Beauty post on Float Therapy, then you know that I'm an avid floater. (If not, check out this post on why I love floating as well as tips for a successful float.) The time during the float session is great and all, but I have to give credit where credit's due. This Spotlight post features Float Realm where I have my monthly subscription and Float Realm's owner who really helps make the whole end-to-end experience that much more amazing for me.

I absolutely love this spa. Float Realm holds such a beautiful space. It is well maintained and very, very clean. The facility has 2 float pods that are in separate rooms, but you can book same-time floats if you're interested in doing a couple's float. All of the amenities and toiletries you may need (i.e. soap/shampoo and conditioner, a hair dryer, ear plugs, lotion, cotton swabs, disposable shower cap, etc.) are readily available.

Furthermore, Nancy is such an awesome owner! She is nice, friendly, and a great communicator. I'm happy to share Nancy's story about her own way to wellness and her passion for helping others with their health and overall well-being.

Interview with Nancy On

Nancy On, Owner of Float Realm

KC: How has your wellness journey been so far? What's your story?

NO: My wellness journey started when I was a college student struggling to find a field that I could truly be interested in. I was constantly working and sometimes for 2-3 jobs at a time to take care of myself financially. The drive was always in me, but the jobs I had were not fulfilling. I worked as a boba tea barista, a loan processor at a real estate company, home staging, and other odd jobs. One day, a friend invited me to a meeting, and she said it would mean a lot to her if I came. So I did. It turned out to be a sales meeting for a nutritional company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. I wasn't interested at first, because I did not see myself ever doing sales. But with more convincing on her part, I decided to give it a chance. I invested in a package, tried the products, and I attended my first training shortly after. I expected to have attended a sales training, but it became a full-on personal development training. I was SO inspired by the speaker, and he became my mentor for years to come. He taught me that I could change the course of my life simply by thinking differently, because my thoughts would dictate my behavior. The quote that changed me forever was, "Your attitude towards life is life's attitude towards you." I was NEVER taught that. I used to live my life like the glass was always half empty. After attending that first training, I told myself, "I'm doing this. Whether I become successful at it or not, the personal development I would gain would be worth it." Life changed for me since then.

Within the first year, I grew my team to 50 people. Within 4 years, my team grew to 250+ active members. Within 5 years, I had visited over 25 different countries training for this amazing nutritional company. My largest audience was 6,000 people in Mexico City. As a result of being in the nutritional business, I learned so many things about health and nutrition from experts of the industry. I was a true believer of holistic health, and I was teaching others on the importance of nutrition.

Fast forward to now, I have moved on to owning a float spa located in Saratoga Village. In addition to floating, we also offer detox products for our customers. It's a perfect combination.

In terms of wellness, I stopped getting sick and stopped using pharmaceutical drugs. I used to be on antibiotics on a regular basis due to sickness. But ever since I started to change my diet and in-take nutritional supplements, I haven't been sick or needed to take any antibiotics. It has been 10+ years, and I am a firm believer that true health comes from giving your body proper nutrients to help your body heal itself. I also do not consume red meat or dairy. My fiance and I start off 5 days a week with a veggie smoothie in the morning, and we eat health consciously on the weekdays. Weekends are more relaxed though!

KC: What made you decide to start this particular business vs. any other type of wellness business? 

NO: My fiance and I love floating ourselves. Floating is something people are just finding out about, although it has been around for a very long time. I wanted to bring something new to the community and let people try it. I designed the spa to be tranquil and zen, so that someone coming in can feel relaxed from the moment they step in.

I'm still very open to incorporating more aspects of wellness into my business, because I am passionate about wellness as a whole. There is not just ONE thing that defines wellness but rather a combination of many things. From our thoughts to our diet to physical activity and to our environment, all of that encompasses wellness.

KC: What value does your service provide to the community to support people's wellness? 

NO: Mentally, it helps with anxiety, increasing mental sharpness, clearing the mind, and meditation. It helps people with insomnia to sleep better. Physically, it is a powerful form of detoxification with literally no effort on your part. Floating assists in the body's natural healing process by improving recovery and circulation. The sensory deprivation aspect of floating eliminates external stimulation, therefore you are in an environment that is completely isolated from distractions, such as light, sound, and tension. As many of us are constantly bombarded with work and technology, I believe that is essential especially in the Silicon Valley. Float Realm is a place to escape all of that for at least an hour to help your mind and body reset.

KC: How would you compare the differences in the clients' behaviors or moods before a float to the effects of after?

NO: Many clients come in looking tired but leave looking lighter and happier as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. Some clients arrive with back pain but don't feel the pain as much after their float. Many clients say that the effects last longer than massage for them, which is possible due to the high levels of magnesium sulfate in the water that the body absorbs. Magnesium relaxes muscles and also helps muscles repair faster. I've had clients tell me that it helps them focus better, which helps their performance at their jobs. I have one particular client tell me that after floating, they no longer craved alcohol and was able to break their addiction. 

KC: Any last thoughts?

NO: "Take care of your body, its the only one you have!" One of my favorite quotes.

Website: www.floatrealm.com

Email: admin@floatrealm.com

Location: 20603 3rd St. Saratoga, Ca 95070

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