Holding Space

Charmaine Illenberger

Registered Nurse and Space Holder

"We're all holding space for the numinous & luminous in our humanness." - Charmaine Illenberger

Charmaine Illenberger is my cousin albeit a magical one. She didn't always recognize the magic that lied innately within her, however. Charmaine answered the call to her soul's purpose as a healer in an unexpected way. I believe that she was always meant to be a healer though. She is a registered nurse and, therefore, was already helping patients heal physically. During one of her shifts, she assisted a patient who was in his final moments of life. She held a space of compassion, comfort, and love that allowed the patient to pass away peacefully. This presented to her the possibility of helping people heal beyond the body, and everything from that point on was spirit-led. She then acquired the tools and skills to support others in discovering their divine purposes (Akashic Record/Soul Alignment readings), connecting with their Higher Selves (Quantum Healing), and exploring the reaches of their minds (Feel Trips). Witnessing her evolve to the "space holder" she is today was such a beautiful thing. It even gave me a nudge and stirred a spiritual awakening inside of me. I've looked to Charmaine for guidance, and I've found that her services have helped deepen my understanding of who I am.

Learn more about Charmaine in the interview below.

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