Mending Wings and Healing Hearts

Updated: Mar 4

Yellow Wolf Nieves


Gathering of Healers 2016, Photo Cred: Jeff Hagood

This spotlight post is about Yellow Wolf Nieves, my teacher and mentor, who has been a pivotal person in my wellness journey especially in helping me recenter and refocus on my own self-healing. After all, how could one truly love and accept others if one did not know how to love and accept oneself?

As Yellow Wolf beautifully says it, she "mends wings and heals hearts." I met Yellow Wolf during a time of understanding what personal freedom meant... a time of releasing people, habits, things, etc. no longer serving me... a time of forgiveness... and a time of rediscovering spirituality in a much more profound and meaningful way. As you can imagine I was all in my feelings while processing everything, so it felt chaotic sometimes. But after working with Yellow Wolf, my personal transformation has been so much like a phoenix rising from the ashes with new wings and all!

It was my pleasure interviewing Yellow Wolf about her commitment to the local community and her path from humble beginnings to starting her own healing practice. Check out the interview below.

Info on Yellow Wolf's services including energy work,

spiritual coaching, workshops, and teachings:

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