SoulTech Connect: Eco-Warriors of Silicon Valley

Updated: Apr 21, 2018

I had a great time attending the first SoulTech Connect meetup in San Jose, CA on Wednesday, April 18, 2018. I found this event accidentally on Eventbrite as a suggestion based on events that I've attended. The first meetup exceeded my expectations (although I didn't know what to expect to be really honest), and I was highly impressed by the talks. Read further for brief synopses about the presentations as well as my review of the experience.

SoulTech Defined

I haven't heard of SoulTech Connect prior to this event, so I went to the meetup with an open heart. Erin McGann, the hostess with the mostest, kicked off the event answering exactly the question that I had in mind: What is SoulTech Connect all about? SoulTech Connect is the name of this new meetup series centered around "New Paradigm Living." OK, so that stemmed question number two: What does new paradigm living mean? Erin went around for responses, and the general consensus ended being that there really wasn't a set definition for it. This was because we're still shaping what that looks like. I believe that everyone there, myself included, could agree that we have all felt some type of shift in our human consciousness. Maybe the shift was the yearning for a deeper connection with spirit, caring more about the environment, or simply adapting a healthier lifestyle. Whatever that shift was, it gave us more meaning to our lives and the intentions of supporting each other and/or serving the greater community.


Nate Moore on how to optimize movement with energy flow

Many people believe that in order to achieve top fitness performance, they have to bust their asses at the gym. After all, no pain no gain, right? Interestingly, this doesn't have to be the case. There is a way to feel stronger, more energetic, and more powerful without having to go to crazy extremes. Nate is a personal trainer with an extensive background in sports and Mixed Martial Arts. From his MMA training experience, in particular, he has created a workout routine with the goal of achieving optimal fitness performance through energy flow. Nate further described this as a yin and yang balance to movement (i.e. push and pull of muscles, activation and deactivation). Say what?! Mindfulness workouts? That was new to me. He also shared his 5 secrets for strength, stamina, and coordination that can help you attain your fitness goals. Want to know the secrets? You can contact him here for more information about his personal training services.

Dr. Steven Schwartz on how to create an interdimensional portal

Dr. Steven Schwartz is a doctor of chiropractic and is the founder of a company called Bioharmonic Technologies. He had me at, "I'm going to tell you how to create an inter-dimensional portal,"and the following is my abridged interpretation of his explanation:

A portal is a gateway. Dimension is a measure of space. Therefore, an inter-dimensional portal is a gateway into a measured space. Because scientists, for example, can measure potential or kinetic energy of vibrating atoms in a sea of space, by definition this plane is an inter-dimension. Not only can we look at this atomic level as an inter-dimension but also cellular and even subatomic levels. So how do you tap into these inter-dimensions? By creating a portal made of sound, light, frequency, and vibration. Sound directly impacts the nervous system. Light impacts DNA and atomic particles (i.e. electrons). Everything has a frequency, and vibration is what shifts frequencies to higher states.

All things considered, Dr. Schwartz created a product, the Vibroacoustic Sound Lounge, which is a full body music and light system. This is the portal that accesses these interdimensions, and it supports wellness by helping your body heal and reprogram itself on these profound levels. You can check out Dr. Schwartz's website here for more information, and you view a short clip of his sound lounge and theraputic lights technology below. Pretty cool tech!

David Cavasos and Alexandrina Garcia-Verdin on how to be an eco-warrior

With the influx of people in the Bay Area and just global warming concerns in general, I find that it's become imperative to take better care of Mother Earth. David and Alexandrina led a talk about eco-consciousness, and they introduced some really practical tips on how to be an eco-warrior in the Silicon Valley. You don't have to go all out and straight up compost by tomorrow to be an eco-warrior. The incremental changes count. Start with a "Zero Waste Mindset" by asking yourself how you can recycle or reduce waste. This can be as simple as re-purposing an old t-shirt as a towel rag. When you've got these small habits down, then you can explore further ways on becoming more eco-friendly. I also learned that it's totally possible to compost in your apartment without smelling! I appreciated how they debunked this myth, because admittedly it's the reason why I haven't done it. To collaborate with David and Alexandrina and to learn more about how to be an eco-warrior, check out their website here.

Adriane Gil on Conscious Kitchen

Adriane is the owner of Skin Deep Vitality and Conscious Kitchen SJ. I enjoyed Adriane's presentation on integrating alternative and holistic methods to combat toxins in our lives. A practical way to combat the toxins from water, for instance, is by creating your own super water. Super water can be made with distilled water and can be mixed in with different blends of vegetables, fruits, etc. to get the added benefits from their nutrients. She also introduced the concept of 5G and how to combat unseen frequencies that may be impacting us in negative ways. We are surrounded by technology, but I don't often think about how harmful these frequencies may be on my body. A way to combat this is by having shungite crystals next to electronic devices. Shungite crystals are natural EM frequency blockers, and the constituents of shungite crystals, fullerenes with the formula C60 (AKA Buckyballs), have been proven to have healing properties. A recent study has shown that rats fed with C60 oil had extended life spans. Anyway, Adriane's website is a plethora of information on conscious living, which you can check out here. She's also a holistic aesthetician and can support your skin health needs.

Overall Impressions

I definitely left the SoulTech Connect meetup knowing so much more than when I walked in. There was a lot of information that I felt was very relevant to my own wellness journey, but I certainly respected how everyone had different levels of awareness.

The SoulTech Connect meetup was such a great networking event. I made new friends and acquaintances! I had the pleasure of meeting really nice, awesome people who were working on their own personal development, manifesting their dreams, or living out their passions. From the people I got to talk to, I was totally inspired by why they were there and what their SoulTech sparks were that gave them purpose-driven lives.

Most importantly, I saw a lot hope in that event. People had genuine interests of protecting the earth, creating happiness, improving the quality of his or her life, making the world a better place, or serving fellow human beings. Can you imagine the magic of all these sparks coming together? It would certainly bring much needed light into the world.

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