Top 3 Memorable Brands from New Living Expo 2018

I attended the 17th annual New Living Expo, which was my 2nd consecutive year of going. It was a 3-day convention that took place at the San Mateo Event Center in San Mateo, CA. I believe that everyone who was at the New Living Expo had one thing in common: a shift within to be better versions of themselves. This may have looked like lifestyle changes related to understanding energy, eating cleaner, learning how to meditate, trying more natural products, incorporating sustainability practices, being a more spiritual person, etc. Whatever it was, the New Living Expo served everyone on any level of consciousness and held space for sharing information among like-minded individuals about how to create this"New Era of Awareness" together.

The New Living Expo is not just about new age philosophies and metaphysics. It is actually one of my favorite conventions for health and wellness. You can find things at the New Living Expo like yoga classes, guided meditations, alternative medicines, vegan food, health supplements, organic and natural beauty and personal care lines, sustainable products, and health tech. My friend and I spent a good amount of time walking around the vendor floor. Here are my product reviews of the top 3 brands that stood out for me:

1. Beekeeper's Naturals, Inc.

Beekeeper's Naturals Propolis

My friend and I are also both partial to sweets, so no surprise that we gravitated towards the booth for Beekeeper's Naturals! The rep enthusiastically showed us Propolis first. He described it as a natural version of Emergen-C and recommended it to be used in confined, public areas like airplanes. I definitely do use Emergen-C and zinc to combat a cold, but I am also looking into more natural ways of preventing a cold from occurring or supporting me when I have one. Because of Propolis' anti-bacterial and immunity boosting properties, I thought it was a pretty cool product. Beekeeper's Natural's product lines also include jams and bee pollen supplements... and of course, SHOW ME THE HONEY!

Beekeeper's Naturals Superfood Honey with Cacao

Beekeeper's Naturals' raw honeys were absolutely delectable. We sampled the Sweet Clover honey and Superfood Honey with Cacao. The Superfood Honey with Cacao was both of our favorites. It literally was a taste of Heaven on Earth. We did note in the nutritional facts that it contained 17 grams of sugar, but the label did say that it's not made with any additives, preservatives, or processed sugars. The only two ingredients were organic wild honey and cacao. Check out Beekeeper's Naturals and their bee-nificial health products here.

2. Alimtox Ion Cell Cleanse

Alimtox's Ion Cell Cleanse product was such a trip, and I'm still on the fence whether I really believe in it or not. Either way, Alimtox made an impression on me.

When the Ion Cell Cleanse apparatus is turned on, it produces ions in the water. Salt is used as a conductive agent to bring up the amperage reading on the device. The blue wrist band that you wear passes a negative electrical current through your body, which causes a reverse osmosis process allegedly taking place in your body that pulls "stuff" (i.e. toxins, parasites, etc.) stuck to your blood cells.

Alimtox's Ion Cell Cleanse

When you put your feet in the water, you're essentially detoxing from the big pores and sweat glands in your feet. The results after a 30 minute session were eye-opening.

Left: Clean water before Ion Cell Cleanse, Right: Water after 30 min. of Ion Cell Cleanse

Left: Water before Ion Cell Cleanse, Right: Water after Ion Cell Cleanse

It's worth pointing out that the water will change color whether your feet are in the solution or not. This is because the ions from the machine are oxidizing the water. Nonetheless, the water is nasty looking AF, and in addition to the murky color change you can see other crap (and critters) floating around in it.

I did notice that my water looked nothing like my friend's or the other people's around me, which was somewhat reassuring that this wasn't a total hoax. My friend's water, for example, had black specks but mine didn't. On the yellow info sheet, black flecks were indicators of heavy metals stuck to the blood that may be introduced into the system by hand sanitizers. Interestingly, my friend is a nurse and uses hand sanitizer 24/7. I had yellow cheese looking film floating at the top of my water, but my friend didn't. According to the yellow info sheet this residue is from candida, which I actually have had issues with.

After a one-time 30 minute use of the Ion Cell Cleanse, I decided that the claims of this product were inconclusive. There's no way to know if the Ion Cell Cleanse did what it was supposed to do if you can't see the detoxing and blood cleaning that is occurring inside your body. I will say, however, that I felt very energized 24 hours from doing the Ion Cell Cleanse. No mid-day slump at all for me! I checked in with my friend, and she said that she felt great the following day as well. Real? Fluke? Who knows...

The Ion Cell Cleanse product is pricey ($1300/unit), so I advise to give it a go if you happen to come across Alimtox at a health and wellness convention or trade show. Try the Ion Cell Cleanse at your own discretion and see if it resonates with you. Apparently the Ion Cell Cleanse technology is not new and was invented by the Japanese in the 1930s for removing toxic metals. Learn more about Alimtox and the Ion Cell Cleanse here.

3. Aloe Infusion

The Aloe Infusion rep approached me and my friend with free samples of Aloe Infusion's Face and Body Cream. As I was rubbing it into my hands, the rep had my full attention when he asked if I used antifreeze on my skin at home. Wait... What?! He further explained that the active ingredient in antifreeze is propylene glycol (albeit non-toxic according to the FDA after I did my own research). The thought of putting any form of antifreeze on or in my body didn't sit well with me though. Propylene glycol is in Gold Bond, which was funny because I was literally down to my last dollop of Gold Bond hand lotion in my purse. I took it as a sign from the universe telling me that it was time to look into skin care products with less additives. The Face and Body Cream feels really great by the way. It's super hydrating and wasn't greasy after application.

Aloe Infusion also does not use palm oil in their products, which I found was an important point that the rep brought up because of the latest deforestation issues related to palm oil production. Aloe Infusion uses kukui oil instead. There are testimonials and anecdotal evidence of kukui oil helping with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Plus Hawaiians have been using cukui oil for years for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. I was pretty much sold when the rep showed us some incredibly validating "before" and "after" pictures from clients using the Face and Body Cream. I'm hopeful that it will help with my own skin sensitivity issues.

I really liked Aloe Infusion, because it's a company with integrity. I felt that they stood by the quality of the ingredients and their products' ability to help people with their skin care needs. They even have offered a 1 year money-back guarantee if we weren't satisfied with the product. So far, I'm quite pleased with the Face and Body Cream! Check out Aloe Infusion and their skin care products here.

By the way, my friend and I went to a wellness workshop led by John Gray, the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. This was a whole insightful experience on its own and totally deserved a separate post. Please also check out "Workshop: Beyond Mars and Venus - Relationship Skills for Today's Complex World by John Gray."

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