What do you wish to illuminate?

Two people are at the entrance to a warehouse that is completely dark. Each person is holding the exact same flashlight. The individuals walk inside at the same time and shine their light initially at the same thing. One person chooses to fixate on it for the rest of her or his life, but the other person decides to shine the light on other things.

A bit existentialist, right? My cousin, Charmaine, told me this story that she heard from a Ted Talk. I haven't thought about it in years, but it came back to me in a journey during meditation. It was a much needed lesson for me at the time. I was reminded of not only the freedom we all have in choosing how to give meaning to our lives, but most importantly of not being in judgment of each other's choices. The latter is harder to do, don't you think?

I appreciate how applicable this is to anything. It can be, for example, the story of a man who chose to be single his whole life while his best friend chose to get married and have kids. It can be the story of a woman who is content with the same job while her peer switched jobs or further advanced in her career. This may even be the story of your wellness journey. Perhaps your perspective on health is to fixate on one thing— the physical body. So you work out and eat right. And you know what? That's all good. Or perhaps your perspective on health includes emotional, spiritual, and intellectual aspects too. Either way, there is no wrong decision. How you shape your wellness journey as it feels right at the time is the correct choice for you.

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